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We are based in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, in the heart of the Caribbean! We are still preparing for launching the Tabtour experience, but we are looking forward to hosting more than 30 activities within the next year! We have been in contact and receiving the necessary training since the end of 2013, and we are almost ready to start! It’s innovative, fun, a great way to learn while enjoying yourself, perfect for team building and group cohesion. We learn from you, you learn from us. Global connection. Working at the same time in different parts of the world. Great service and wonderful treatment from your staff.

Jaimmy Taylor
Jaimmy TaylorProfessional Coach

Situated in the picturesque north of Thailand, tabtourthailand services the SE Asian region under the management of GlobalNotions. We are very impressed with the technology, functionality and the support offers!

Reinier Jansen
Reinier JansenOwner at GlobalNotions

We are situated near Maastricht / The Netherlands and we started January 2014. It’s easy to use interface and backend. Possibilities to offer (city) game tours with tablets and smartphones. Good accompaniment and follow up.

François Verhoeven